Interesting facts about Yandex

Published 27.02.2019

Today we want to write about the search system, which is the most popular in Russia. Do you know what kind of search engine it is? Although Google is still the world leader as a search query, but in Russia Yandex is the most popular search system. What do we know about it?

Yandex’s logo
  • The date of Foundation of Yandex is the 23 of September. It was on this day in 1997, when the system was first presented at the exhibition in Moscow.
  • Although Yandex is considered a Russian company, it is registered in the Netherlands.
  • To date, Yandex is on the 4th place in the ranking of search engine queries.
  • The word «Yandex» appeared before the official birthday of Yandex. It was invented by Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich in 1993 and at first meant not a company or a search engine, but a search technology on its own server. The following decryption became popular on the Internet: «Yet Another iNDEXer». But also some people think that this word is fictitious and has no decoding. Many people also think it stands for «Language indexer» and a huge number of other versions.
Arkady Volozh — Yandex’s creator
  • The first design Yandex conceived to do at an angle, but it looked crooked. Over the company is often bullied for the fact that they are even a piece of design can not normally put under the scanner.
  • In 2000 Yandex was the first Russian Internet business to launch advertising on television. To do this, the phrase «There is everything!»(Найдется все! rus.)— it became the slogan of the company.
  • By decree of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in 2009, Sberbank bought the «Golden share» of Yandex. They did it so that foreigners could not get it.
  • Yandex was not always a separate company. Until 2000, it was owned by Comptek.
  • In 2013, the search engine Yandex ranked first among the search engines in Russia, as well as the second non-English-language system, which was overtaken only by the Chinese PS Baidu.
  • In 2012, Yandex overtook all the leading TV channels in terms of audience coverage, even the «Первый» channel.
  • If you look at the statistics, you can see that men make requests more often than women, but women make them longer.
  • Yandex can search for pages in 9 languages, taking into account their morphology: Russian, English, Belarusian, Tatar, Ukrainian, German, Turkish, French and Kazakh.
  • Yandex has about 83 services. From all familiar Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Mail to Yandex.Time and Yandex.Statistics. By the way, auto service Авто.ru also belongs to Yandex.

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