Top 10 facts about programming languages

Published 12.02.2019

  • At the moment there are more than 8,500 programming languages, however, despite the number of options, the number of actively used languages is hardly more than ten.
  • The Python programming language is not named after snakes. The creator chose this name because he loved the TV series «Monty Python’s flying circus».
  • The Pascal programming language was created by Niklaus Wirth and named after the French philosopher, physicist and mathematician Blaise Pascal. At that time Wirth was a Professor of computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in Switzerland, and he needed a language using which he could teach students programming.
  • The ALGOL programming language was created in 1958 and was mainly used for scientific computing. This name comes from the abbreviation of the words «algorithmic language». It was the first programming language that could be used on different platforms. It turned out to be better for lab computing than for commercial applications because it did not support any I / o protocols in its original form. Today it is practically not used, but this language is the basis of many modern popular programming languages.
  • Java is a programming language that appeared in 1995. At first, it was supposed to use for cable television. But now our phones and computers operate thanks to it. According to statistics, it is the most popular programming language in the world at the moment.
  • Programming is very hard mental work. A good programmer thinks about work 24/7, and in his dreams he writes the best codes. All important work takes place far from the keyboard, so it is almost impossible to speed up the process.
  • Programming is thinking about 25% of the time in programming is spent on thinking about what user can do wrong.
  • A programmer spends about 10-20% of the programming time to write a code. Most programmers write about 10-12 lines of code per day, which fall into the final project. Professional programmers spend 90% of their time thinking and trying to find the best version of the program.
  • The first computer virus that spread beyond the computer of its creator, was called Elk Cloner. It was written in 1982 by Rich Skrent mainly for Apple computers.
After 50 download virus output on screen this text
  • The first computer bug in history was discovered in 1945, when engineers found moth in the computer case Harvard Mark II. This moth shorted out the contacts, and the computer crashed. Since then, computer crashes are called bugs.

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